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About us

RMS Controls is a specialized engineering, sales, manufacturing and pipeline supply company with over 50 years of experience in servicing the pipeline industry. 
Our focus areas include control valves, regulators, Qnergy PowerGen remote power generators, filters, heaters, relief valves, and patented pipeline protection systems.

In House Capabilities

Globe Valves 

Over-Pressure Protection Valves

Tube Switching/Positive Shut Off Valves

Custom Pneumatic Valve Panels

Instrument Gas Conditioning Systems

Stainless AMV - Auto Manual Valve

Instrument Gas Conditioning System

The Patented Instrument Supply Post from RMS Controls (U.S. Patent 8211215B2) conditions pipeline gas for use in instrumentation. The gas is filtered, dried, regulated and heated resulting in clean power gas for use with instrumentation.  The system prevents contamination and freezing of delicate instrumentation. 

Instrument Supply

Proudly representing the following product lines and accessories:

Flowserve logo.jpg

- Valbart TMCBV Control Valves

- Noise and Cavitation Control Trims

- Valbart TMBV On/Off Ball Valves

- Piston Actuators and Instrumentation

Bruest Cat Logo FINAL.jpg

- Hot Cat Pipeline Heaters

-"Freez-Fiter" Power Gas Heaters

- Pipeline Heaters

- Building Heaters

- Regulator Enclosures

- CNG Letdown Systems

Flowserve logo.jpg

- Valtek Mark One Linear Globe Valve

- MegaStream/Stealth Low Noise Trim

- Valtek ShearStream HP V-Ball

- Piston and Diaphragm Actuators

Qnergy Logo.png

PowerGen Remote Power Generators

- Well Pad Automation

Cathodic Protection (ICCP)

Communications & SCADA 

- Zero Maintenance

- Compressed Air Pneumatics - CAP Skids 


- Filter Dryers

- Cartridges

- Moisture Indicators

- Instrument Gas Assemblies


Barlow Flange Isolation Joints

- Welded into place

- Eliminates Field Assembly

ALFA Monolithic Isolation Joints

- Positive Leak-proof

Flow Safe.jpg

- ASME Pilot Operated Relief Valves

- ASME Conventional Relief Valves

- Safe-T Whistles

- Unloader Relief Valves


- R-100 Coalescing Pipeline Filters

- P Series Air Filters

-  R Series Coalescing Filters

- Replacement Filter Elements


- SCS Provers (Straight Calibrated Section) 

- L.A.C.T Units (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer)

- Samplers and Strainers

- Liquid and Gas Skids


- Boot Style Pressure Regulators

- Plug and Seat Pressure Regulators - Fail Open or Fail Closed

- Spring Operated Pressure Regulators


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